proof of concept of the product Conexão Rural (Rural Connection) in partnership with the Federal District Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Workers Company (EMATER-DF - Empresa de Assistência Técnica e Extensão Rural do Distrito Federal).


the participating farmers received Conexão Rural very positively.


  • Registration: face-to-face, in partnership with two regional offices of EMATER-DF: Vargem Bonita and Paranoá;
  • Audience: 200 farmers in the Federal District region;
  • Phraseology: supporting the mobilization of the farmers and feedback in relation to technical visits conducted by extension workers, encouraging the farmers to participate in events and monitoring the satisfaction of the ATER beneficiaries;
  • Incentives:No financial incentives.

MGov solutions:

  • Automated interactive communication by SMS.

Main results:

  • The proof of concept confirmed the existence of large demand for new means of communication from EMATER;
  • The participating farmers received Conexão Rural very positively.