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in partnership with the EloGroup, to develop the organization management structure for an active state-level ombudsman system, by defining the methodologies, processes and tools required to implement the system.


In progress

MGov solutions:

  • Developing the organizational and operational management model for an active listening system in which a sample of citizens is contacted periodically by telephone – VRU survey – to collect data about the coverage, quality and access to the services provided by the State Government;
  • Development of the procedure for specifying the coverage (eg per unit, municipality) and sampling methodology; procedure for extracting users of public services from the databases; procedure for preparing, testing and validating the questionnaires; procedure for data collection, processing and analysis; protocol for the processing, security and privacy of the data collected via active listening and the user database; procedure for replying / reacting to the data collected; protocols for publishing the data collected as well as the government’s response / action regarding the data; and developing the impact assessment model to be implemented by the State Government;
  • Generation of sectoral questionnaires, as well as corresponding databases for the survey;
  • Methodical reporting and training on the state active ombudsman system.

Main results:

In progress