E-Dinheiro (E-Money)


To pilot Poupemais, the financial education solution at the base of the pyramid, in Ceará, in partnership with the Palmas Bank, to understand whether the product is effective.


After receiving the messages, people stated that they felt more comfortable before deciding to make a purchase.


  • Registration: Opt-in using the contact database provided by Palmas Bank;
  • Audience:1250 customers of the Palmas Bank, classes C-D-E, users of the e-Dinheiro virtual currency;
  • Phraseology: Sending content by SMS relating to financial education, to encourage best practice and dissemination of knowledge; two VRU waves;
  • Incentives: BRL5.00 in pre-paid cellphone credit for each VRU wave answered.

MGov solutions:

  • Interactive SMS campaigns

Main results:

  • People feel more comfortable before deciding to make a purchase;
  • People think more deeply before purchasing something;
  • People feel more confident to pay by installments or take a loan.